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Driver’s Licenses

We process driver’s license renewals, as well as Real IDs.
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Vehicle Registrations 

We issue vehicle registrations and process renewals.
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License Plates

We process new license plates, as well as conversions, transfers and replacements.
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Vehicle Titles

We process applications filed for certificates of title, including duplicate and corrected titles.

FastPass makes it easy, but don't take our word for it...

Bart Benoit
If you have your paperwork together and in order, FastPass has their stuff together. In and out in 10 minutes. Quick and easy.


Priscilla Simpson
Quick and easy to get a duplicate title. Staff was helpful, both on the phone when I called (a real person answered!) and when I came in person. Amy answered all my questions thoroughly and I was in and out in less than 10 minutes as a walk-in.


Jennifer West
Great service! They were very helpful and professional, and everything was taken care of quickly and easily.


Louisiana OMV

Know what you need before you arrive

FastPass provides you with what’s needed before you arrive with checklists you can download! No back and forth, no time wasted.

Schedule your appointment online on a day that works

At FastPass, you’re next in line when you arrive. Say goodbye to day-long trips to the Office of Motor Vehicles.

Louisiana OMV
Louisiana OMV

Arrive with the correct papers in hand

You’ll arrive at FastPass with all of the information required and supporting documents needed!

Leave FastPass
knowing you
got it done... fast.

You’ll leave FastPass not only feeling accomplished but also calm and relaxed. We are committed to making the entire process easy and effective.

Louisiana OMV

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